what to wear to dog racing?

Posted 25th Jul 2009
hi im going to the dogs next month for a friends birthday but never been before so not sure how to dress? as its for a birthday we are all going in a limo and having a 3 course meal there they have said to dress smart?
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they have said to dress smart

You answered your own question. lol
Wear something like you would wear for a wedding
Nice summer dress perhaps, maxis look nice with a shawl
yeah was wondering whether to wear a dress wasnt sure whether that would be to dressed up or not
rabbit skin coat

rabbit skin coat

LOL - brilliant!! :-D
Depends what trap you are in ??

yeah was wondering whether to wear a dress wasnt sure whether that would … yeah was wondering whether to wear a dress wasnt sure whether that would be to dressed up or not

depends which area you're in to be honest, but there are loads who dress up and then those who just wear jeans

which course are you going to ?
What to wear dog racing?

Collar and lead, I suppose.
dress to impress. Going greyhound racing isn't like walking into a betting shop! The meals are served by silver service and waiters collect your bets and drinks orders from your table. You don't have to get up all night if you don't want to. dress down and you will feel out of place.
The meals at our racetrack are not silver service and if you dressed like for a wedding, you really would look out of place, so I guess it depends on which track you're going to.
Raceview suite in the evening:

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just smart casual id say, never been in the restaraunt at peterborough, only the bit where you get nuggets and chips in a take away tub!!llol but some go smart and some go scruffy so its really up to you, as your going the whole hog with limo and all that you might aswell go smart:thumbsup:
A catsuit? ;-)
Going to a dog race course I wouldn't personally want to be wearing my best clothes ( have I any best clothes anyway!? probably not.! ) but if you going there by limo it would seem inappropiate not to dress up some what,I think something simple will do like a dress, and not over the top,others in your group will not be going casual by sounds of it.
Perhaps no high heel shoes either,going get ruined in the ground maybe,you be sinking in the mud.


It's Peterborough. :roll:

I live here and have been to the dog track dozens of times..............you'll find most people in the restaraunt are wearing casual clothes.

Also.........i hope you are 3ft 6" as it is very cramped in there. :lol:
hares my advice:thumbsup:

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