what toy story toys would you get for a small child?

    my son is a very old for his age 2 and a half year old, He is mad on Toy story!!!!! bought him interactive woody and buzz for christmas with tesco double up vouchers, but unsure what else to get him, im not fussed on the little character sets does anyone have any ideas? thought I could use argos's current buy2 get 3 offer, Thanks in advance x Bethan


    The tent, the phone, the trike, aquadoodle, jessie and bullseye?

    I'd say Rex, Mr Potato Head and Bullseye

    the large lotso bear-beautiful! and in argos 3 for 2 atm

    Hey Barky, gonna tell yer team to do better ffs.


    No stock.

    I got 3 two days ago for various christmas pressies-they really are lovely!


    Hey Barky, gonna tell yer team to do better ffs.

    if only ashley!


    if only ashley!

    Riordan's just pulled one back, tell them again.

    Why the hell would you want the head of the mafia as a toy?

    The aliens are nice, and they double up as a teddy with a nightlight in to take to bed

    my son is same age and i got him the interactive buzz and woody and the original mr potato head
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