What tune can't you get out of your head?

    For me it's the theme tune of Vikings (If I had a heart).…Sg4


    If you like that song check out fever rays album the rest of the songs are very similar, it was one of my favourite albums when it was out a few years ago…ray…F-8
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    Nearly all the songs off Moana.

    now I've got the Kylie song stuck in my head lol

    Bloody paw patrol !

    There was a top ten of these produced last year. I seem to recall lady gaga featured a few times


    Bloody paw patrol !

    ​lucky you, I'm stuck with the furchester hotel !

    They are called an earworm. Bad Romance was rated the worst one for sticking in your head I think.

    songs from Frozen. I have 5 nieces thinking they're all princess Elsa & I know it's old but they don't seem to care about watching it every time I see them & singing "let it go" on top note at every opportunity.


    'ba ba ba bird bird bird, bird is the word, i said a bird bird bird, bird is the word'


    'ba ba ba bird bird bird, bird is the word, i said a bird bird bird, bird … 'ba ba ba bird bird bird, bird is the word, i said a bird bird bird, bird is the word'

    This week it's..
    "The wheels on the bus go round, round, round"

    Aaaaaaarrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!! oO

    whatever song I just listened to

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    Thanks to BillySollox who sent me this tune…87s X)

    3rd stone from the sun - orig by jimi hendrix ...but this one ain't bad :…48U


    Click ^

    I went to London and saw a show over a month ago and still can't get THIS out of my mind....even in Asda.oO

    That stupid Rockabye song wont go out of my head, and iv had songs like pass the dutchie and sex on the beach stuck in my head for decades they mostly recur when im alone in the kitchen cooking and in a good mood so its ok, nobody heres me singing (I hope)

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    Original Poster


    Right now its this one. Thank you very much!!

    I thought it was going to be this one

    Thank you very much


    This one

    That's good Iv never heard b4 it is it Manga?


    i saw this thread & I just knew that something good was going to happen

    Ha love that 2008 re release with the brilliant video 'the running man craze', another video caught my eye on the same page though so I'll just leave This here for the guys!
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    That's good Iv never heard b4 it is it Manga?

    Manga is a book, anime is a cartoon its on Netflix, there's two series its unfinished, i advise watching the first series then making the rest up in your head because it will be infinitely better then series two and the manga after that point because it gets stupid and then i think the author just got bored and gave up.

    Some song that goes "in the manor they wear black, manor wear black, man wear black"

    It's awful

    "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers .just love it


    Bloody paw patrol !

    I raise you P J Masks

    Castle on the hill



    Kylie minogue, its all ops fault, at this rate people will be buying it and be back in charts, then Jason Donavon, where will it end.....

    You can talk to me - The Seahorses
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