What TV and Pc Monitor shall i buy?

    Im looking to buy a tv and a pc monitor for my front room. Ive been told in the shops you can not use a tv for pc gaming and expect perfect or even near perfect graphics. Not into xbox and the like!

    This samsung tv, same kinda model as the samsung T220 pc monitor, looks the same and looks like the same spec, other than the tv doesnt say the responce rate. The responce rate of the monitor is 2Ms. Prob not as good but is it good anough??

    Could i not get good graphics out of this tv !?

    So is this tv and monitor below a good set up for my front room? anyone think of a better combination of monitor and tv ?no bigger than 37" for the tv and ive a budget of about 700 for both beasts these would certanly look dam good off as well as on.

    Appreciate any advise.

    Tv here.…tml

    and monitor…0ls


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    Or this 26" monitor with a samsung 32" tv…651

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    dont own such a thing

    oh lol just noticed pc lol
    LCD is just like a HD tv but it depends if you can put full hd on your monitor by the resolution
    get a graphics card

    not even a thank you gosh
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