What TV services will work with this set-up?

    Hi everyone,

    So, due to the set-up in my new flat, I am unable to use a Sky TV box to watch TV and have to use the Sky Go app on my PS4. I certainly miss the record function so was wondering what services would be compatible with the connection I have in the flat.
    It is essentially just one Satellite connection. Would Virgin Media be compatible with this (along with recording functions?)
    At the moment, I am unable to change the set up as a new tenant. I'll try to attach a picture below to give a clearer idea.
    Thank you.


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    It is essentially this satellite output but with one connection rather than the two that Sky requires

    Freesat recorder; your choice of brand / features, assuming your description of "just one Satellite connection" means the connection is definitely connected to a Sky dish or Sky distribution system. Definitely wise to find out what the connection provides as may be terrestrial Freeview not satellite. Just ask landlord / management company what facility the wall outlet provides.
    Can't see image. Sky doesn't "require" two connections, it usually provides two connections on installation so the user can simultaneously access two channels.


    hi It is essentially this satellite output but with one connection rather … hi It is essentially this satellite output but with one connection rather than the two that Sky requires

    Sky sat would work with just one satellite connection, you just won't be able to record one programme while watching another.

    I have same connection in my apartment. I did have a sky box when I moved in and a contract on going with sky. You can only watch 1 sky channel or record 1sky channel at a time.
    Pretty useless really. I now have Free view , Now TV and Netflix plus my hard drive that plugs into tv. You can get a talktalk you view box that takes an ordinary aerial connection plus internet. this will record 2 programs and Netflix and now TV built in.

    If you live in a flat and you have access to the dish and your cable you can run a second cable or a stacker de stacker which you can buy to turn 1 cable to 2 cable system. Bit complicated to setup but it works well.

    What about ditching all that and moving across to Netflix, Amazon tv and now tv, all available thru yr ps4. Likely cheaper than they sky set up too. And now tv is powered by sky so lots of shows are the same.

    Looks like a Terrestrial, Satellite and Radio connector so everything other than Virgin Cable should be an option - assuming you have an internet connection of course.
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