what TV should i get

    Ok i need to get a new TV, it has to come from comet, i have 4 at the mo to chose from, and a max budget of 700, here are the 4 i have seen, if anyone could offer me some good advice i would appreciate it.]Buy PANASONIC TX-P42S21B | 42" plasma tv - Television | Comet]Buy SONY KDL40EX403U | 40" lcd tv - Television | Comet]Buy SAMSUNG LE46C530 | 46" lcd tv - Television | Comet]Buy SAMSUNG LE46B530 | 46" lcd tv - Television | Comet



    plasma every time and the bigger the better imo.

    42" is too small unless you plan on sitting within 5 feet of the tv.

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    The only thing that puts me off plasma is the chance of screen burn, is that still a big issue with plasmas?

    also i have 3 young children and the tv will be at low level, does this have an influence on plasma vs lcd?

    we sit about 2mtrs away from the tv, we had a Toshiba 42xv635db but comet have agreed to exchange the unit due to a fault, we have had that tv for 10 months are are very comfortable with the size.

    i sometime get a little screen burn when playing on the xbox but a couple of mins on a snowey channel sorts that.

    recommend plasma every time

    always plasma, LCD tele's are trying to get to plasma picture quality (led back-lighting) but still not there yet.

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    So would the TX-P42S21B be a good buy?

    We watch a lot of digital TV that has a logo in the corner of the screen, can this be an issue with a plasma? also i read that widescreen movies with black bars at the top and bottom can cause screenburn also?


    screen burn shouldnt be a problem on new plasmas although you may get image retention when you change channels for a few seconds when changing channels from one to another.


    make sure you read the manual as mine stated I should be using it on low contrast / brightness for the first 50 hours of use.
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