What type of EE plan is sold on Mobiles.co.uk upgrades?

Found 17th Feb 2017
I am looking at Mobiles.co.uk to upgrade my EE plan because they are much cheaper than EE direct and Carphone Warehouse.

There is a deal I would like for an iPhone 6s but I am not sure what type of EE plan it is as it doesn't say. For example, is it a 4GEE Essential plan (only speeds up to 20Mbps), 4GEE (up to 60Mbps), or 4GEE Max (top speeds)?

I'm not sure if anyone knows from upgrading their EE plan via Mobiles.co.uk in the past or has found it somewhere else on the website, etc.?

In particular, this (the top one) is the deal I am looking at if it matters: mobiles.co.uk/app…tml?tid=EQMH1AUG16&gid=NA&phoneFilter[sort]=cheapest&phoneFilter[tariff_data]=4000-6000&phoneFilter[tariff_network][]=ee

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Give them a call.

Give them a call.

Thanks but I've just realised it said right there in the plan name, feel a bit stupid now!
I took my daughters phone out with mobiles.co.uk, with Ee too, as Ee it's self was more the £7 more each month for the same allowance and phone. The phone came quickly and was well packaged.. The mobile was brand new and sealed and I've had no issues at all with it. I recommend them enjoy your new phone

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I also recommend. Had two now. Only issue is my quidco got declined.
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