What type of fan works best? Air cooler or Air Circulator?

Posted 23rd May 2022
Hello all,

I've been looking at buying a proper Air Cooler (evaporative) to cool my flat for the summer. I already own a 12 inch desk fan but I found it to be rather useless last summer.

That is why I was thinking of buying those evaporative water coolers which supposedly "cool" the room. I was also thinking about buying a proper air circulators that also supposedly "cools" down a room.

Now, I read somewhere that those evaporative coolers aren't that effective in the UK because they work better in dry hot climates which makes sense.

So my question is, what do YOU think works better in the UK during the summer? A proper air circulator or an evaporative air cooler?

I am not expecting the cooling powers of an air conditioner, but I'm just curious on knowing what works best for the people here.
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