What type of seller on ebay

I've just had a message of ebay asking whether i am a private or business seller, i occasionally buy things to see on ebay. Does this make me business and what are the implications of saying so.


Set it as private.

I'd set it to private
I've had the same message but its a little while before you have to declare anything so i'm making them wait!


Make sure its not a spoof email asking you to login when clicking on a link

Original Poster

no, it comes up after logging on to ebay

Yeah Ive Had Two Of Abay And Paypal (ur Account Details Are Out Of Date Plz Log In To Update Lol And (ur Paypal Balance Is 67.90 Plz Make Payment Now On This Link )lol

If you buy & sell specifically to make money then, strictly speaking, you're a business user. If you buy occasionally & sell privately owned belongings then you are considered a private user.

If I remember correctly Ebay give you a reasonable definition of each term when you go into your profile to specify what kind of a user you are.
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