What *type* of Xbox this is I've got? =/

    *apologies for coming across as an idiot, but I have no idea about these things*

    I won an Xbox 360 from Microsoft and I want to sell it as... well... I have no idea what to do with it! I know there are different kinds, but the box that it's in doesn't tell me what kind it is so I dunno how much to sell it for?!

    Here's some pics...…jpg…jpg…jpg

    Thank you.


    Limited gold plated edition, worth thousands !

    just kidden, looks like a premium ? no idea

    It's either a premium or a pro... Does it say anywhere on the box if it has a hdmi slot? There's usually a wee sticker on it if it''s a pro/version 2

    Oh I've just seen the 3rd pic you posted says hdmi at the bottom so it looks like it's a pro

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    Thanks for letting me know. It does have HDMI written on the box at the bottom, but there's nothing to say that there's a HDMI slot.

    My hubby had an old premium before he got his elite & there was no mention of hdmi on the box so I'm 99% sure you have the newer pro console

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    ^Great, thank you. I've done some scouting around and you are right. It's the same as this on on Tesco Direct -…spx

    Okay now can anyone tell me what a decent price when selling this would be? Bearing in mind that I don't have a receipt (does that affect the guarantee??) as I won it.

    well seeing as you have no reciept ill give you 50 pounds (joke)

    you can get probably 200 on ebay.
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