What U all think? TV+sound+PS3 etc

    Hi Guys,

    Gotten my stuff on the wall, Nice I think..!



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    pics not showing up for me, just a ? in a blue box!

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    Will show projector pic later..

    Sorry I might of posted mit incorrectly
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    Awful camera, and it looks a complete mess.
    Please start again.

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    The Saint, your the Man, a good guy, Sorry poor pics, wa a HUD chceap phone... he he. thanks for looking guys....

    I dont like the little white box or the red X and i think the writing is too much! lol

    Wonder why I cant see them!

    i cant see then either

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    Wonder why I cant see them!

    I posted while drinking.. its thie only way I know how to. Sorry guys.....

    Using safari and firefox but nothing, oh well!

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    sorry, sorry..

    Fine with Firefox for me.

    Right click on the link in post #2, and click "view image".

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    Your TV is about 3 feet away from the wall, but what I really want to know is, where does the ladder lead to?

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    Fine with Firefox for me.Right click on the link in post #2, and click … Fine with Firefox for me.Right click on the link in post #2, and click "view image".

    Thanks again Thesaint, poor posting on my part. Should of read the Help better, ....


    What … What about#

    So now we have the before shots, wheres the after? lol

    omg what a distaster

    and that rug ? what were you thinking and the fake brickwork? went out long time ago

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    The Projectore is to the right of the ladder, with the 'throw' get a 2'75 meters screen, not HD but no money, everything is connected together.

    And you're chuffed with your little setup?

    are u height restricted? or a dwarf to be politically incorrect

    Is this a joke thread or do you really think it looks good?

    wow. thats low down. And far out.

    In fact....wont the fire intefere?

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