What UK sim works in Turkey?

Found 17th Jun 2018
I’m travelling to Marmaris for the first time
Never used a phone abroad in my life, so wondering if yous lovely bunch could help me understand what I need to use a UK sim in turkey.

I’ll be travelling for 11 nights
I’m mainly looking for internet and maybe some minutes (is that possible)

Or would it be better getting a Turkish sim for the Time being away? (If yes details please)

Thank you
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All Sims work but you have to ring your network provider to enable international roaming. They will tell you exactly how much it will cost to make , receive calls , send sms and data. Usually to receive sms messages it is free.

Find out if your hotel has free WiFi and how good it is by reading comments on TripAdvisor about your hotel. If the connection is good then you can make WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime calls free and receive messages as well.

If you are planning to make a lot of calls then you can get a local payg sim . Again check this in comments on TripAdvisor or check the forum for Turkey.
VODAFONE works fine just as if you was in the UK without any charges
scaffolder27 m ago

VODAFONE works fine just as if you was in the UK without any charges

Unless it's a Vodafone Basic plan without roaming as an option.
They have plenty of Vodafone shops but they wanted £20, So we used a local phone shop. Much cheaper
Cheaper to buy a local sim if you don't have Vodafone
if you plan on using a local (turkish) sim make sure your phone is unlocked before you go
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I was in Turkey 4 weeks ago. I used a Vodafone payg SIM. £1 per day for unlimited minutes and texts and 500mb. If you need more data you can add 500mb for £1. Couldn't recommend it enough.
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