what US tv programs do you reccommend?

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Found 23rd Jul 2007

me and the missus (aka the mouse!) watch a bit of us tv - but now we have ran out of stuff to watch!

we have watched the usual good ones such as heroes and lost and in this thread i would like you to reccommend a series that you have enjoyed!

mine is Dexter - cracking cop/serial killer type drama

what else have you watched?

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Dexter - am Sky+ing it but haven't had time to watch it.

Day Break (has finished now after only 1 series!) was on Bravo but very enjoyable all the same!

Studio 60
starts this week i think on More4

Prison Break
Six Feet Under

Coming soon:
Pushing Daisies
The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Bionic Woman
True Blood

Original Poster

be warned

first dexter episode is not too good - picks up though i promise

I enjoyed Shark! That was pretty good!

Ugly Betty is fab! New series starting soon! :thumbsup:

I've heard that Psych is excellent, have it downloaded and ready to watch...just got to get round to it!


To add to some of the great ones mentioned are
The Sopranos
The shield
My name Is Earl
and a little known series called "Brotherhood"

Prison Break?

Yes definitely prison break. There were times when i enjoyed it more than lost

Arrested Development.

The best comedy to come out of the US since... well, I can't think of a better US comedy than this one.

If you like predictable, bland comedy like Will & Grace or Friends, it probably won't be suitable. But if you fancy a fantastically well-scripted, character-driven comedy which enjoyed massive critical (but little commercial) success, then look no further.

Bear in mind that you need to stick with it, but it is ultimately the most rewarding, accurate and touching comedy you'll ever watch.


Ignore the fact that it's a Mitchell Hurwitz/Ron Howard creation: their track records and usually ham-fisted approach to comedy don't show up at all in this.

I'm enjoying Brothers & Sisters. Arrested Development was a really good programme. Huff is another one that was really good.

Studio 60... is starting this week. Not seen any episodes, so can't comment on how good it is, but I've got great hopes for it.

I could probably list lots and lots of fantatisc programmes (West Wing, Buffy, Angel, Invasion, Dead Like Me, etc), jsut depends on the sort she likes. I've not seen Heroes yet (will be watching it on BBC 2 this week). I missed the first episode of Dexter, annoyingly.

I'd recommend Cold Case, Bones, Veronica Mars, Without A Trace and Medium. I watch too much tv:-D

Me and the missus love Ghost Whisperer, I think we watch it for different reasons though. It's on that ABC channel on Sky but it's 1/2 through the second series.


Arrested Development.

Definately... Best comedy I've seen in 10 or so years (since back when the UK could make something worth watching)

Curb Your Entusiasm as well, and the US version of the Office is great too.

ive got a series of dexter mite start watching it nw. whats it about story line???

veronica mars,supernatural,heroes,24(of course)& Las Vegas

[SIZE="4"]Heroes[/SIZE] oh my god this show is amazing and a must watch starts on the 27 july on bbc 2

weeds is quite good, dexter s2 has been released early at the usual places.

Original Poster

usual places?

Bit torrent

I'd like to echo NatD and recommend Day Break - I'm furious that it only got a run of 13 episodes. It was excellent.

As Dave Smith mentions above, Curb Your Enthusiasm is also truly fantastic but I reckon (and have read) that it's an acquired taste - Amusingly I didn't even like it when the original series ran, yet now it is one of my all time faves.

Just trying to get into another HBO series called Carnivale at the moment. too.

Original Poster

im bumping this for some entertainment

anyone got any new ones

law and order (all of them) crimial intent is the best

Without a Trace ;-)

Defo for Dexter!!!

I've seen whole 1st season & first two episodes of 2nd season - Dexter is cutting edge TV!

And defo for Heroes too - Season 1 is a-ma-zing!

gotta be studio 60 on the sunset sstrip, prison break

and boston legal for a bit of comedy..

SCRUBS!!!! Odd weak episode but overall, a very funny series with great characters.

Arrested development
the office us
my name is earl
curb ur enthusiasm
prison break
Trailer park boys

my name is earl
without a trace
lost and

We watch My Name is Earl,and I'm waiting for Lost to start back up,my partner ain't keen on Lost.We watch Project Runway or it called Project Catwalk,something like that too.I don't watch much tv actually,but my partner be waiting for the new series of 24 and Battlestar Gallactica.

Not really a series in the sense that there's a continuing story every week, but "Whose line is it anyway?" is by far the funniest show that I've watched in ages - the US version is WAY better than the UK series:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

The Wire & The Shield

I tend to download and watch everything (I have no life) that comes out in the US using ]EZTV as a reference.

The best shows now are:

Heroes (obviously)
]Entourage (can't recommend enough)
My name is Earl
NCIS (think CSI but lighter)
Las Vegas (last series was a little off though)
Prison Break
The Shield

There are great series that never really made it over here and have since been cancelled. The best of these is probably Veronica Mars, most promo stuff for it makes it seem like a teeny detective series but it's so much more (and Kristen Bell is a babe).

I watch The 4400 too.

Watching NFL on Fox now, and a new show starts this week called K-Ville, another cop show, might be worth a look.

of course Prison break and LOST!!! great ones
you can try 4400 - yesterday I watched the first episode - really exciting beginning
these are worth watching

btw X-files used to be my favourite


Prison Break
The Unit (Another great show MUST WATCH)
Jericho (one of the best shows i have seen)

I have just been watching Burn Notice which is very good, it has a good mix of action and comedy

Just started to watch Heroes last night,well they started a load of episodes again over w/e and I always see it mentioned online all over really,so thought I get my partner to record them on Sky,anyway he only went and forgot and remembered much later on Saturday evening,so he had to d/l the 1st few and I watched them last night.
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