What USB cable do I need for my Cybershot camera

    I have a Cybershot model DSC-W55 which has a USB port which just looks like a very small rectangle, its not Mini USB.


    does it look like this?


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    does it look like … does it look like this?]http:[email protected]/3674781922/

    Cant tell from the pic that well but it looks correct.

    Read the manual?

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    Read the manual?

    Dont have it or box since I have moved since I bought it.

    Looked for an online one? I would expect there to be one.

    I will have a look in a bit if you don't get an answer.


    Item number: 290339535688


    help yourself with quality and price search

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    The first picture posted looks correct however I found a listing on Ebay for a cable for my model camera and it looks totally different.

    really - whats the ebay number - the one I pm'd you looks the same as the one gr8 posted & the same as from my old sony

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    erm.....thats exactly the same cable?

    edit - actually it's exactly the one I pm'd you - they are all the same - in grey & black but the cable is exactly the same.

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    Ok wasnt sure as the connector looked smaller on the pic similar to a mini usb but not I know that will buy one.

    ah - I think it's just the way the pics were took.
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