What video recording device for recording a singing choir?

Posted 17th Dec 2019
Just wondering what you have used for recording and how it compares to a phone recording?
Go pro or video cam or just your phone?

Its going to be crowded and I might have to film from a distance.
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You don't really want to use your phone for kind of recording (unless you have a real top of the range cameras phone). A DSLR or Compact System Camera with an external mic would be good, as would a dedicated video camera. Ideally you'd want to get up as close as you can rather than be relying on digital zoom especially on a smartphone.
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If he is filming from a distance then picking up the sound of the choir clearly rather than the immediate noise of the crowd could be a little bit of a problem. You'd also have the issue of going too far with digital zoom rather than having an optical zoom lens. But if course if all you have to use is a phone then you'll still be able to capture the performance, just maybe not in the best way.
I'd say whatever you use, put the thing on a tripod, mount or flat surface.
There's nothing worse that a shaky video.
Oh and make sure you shoot it in landscape orientation, not portrait. That's the only thing worse than a shaky video

What equipment you use might depend on who you are in relation to the choir.
If you're a member of the public or family member, you might have limited options available.
But if you're a teacher at the school (if it's a school choir for example), you have a greater responsibility to get better results (in my opinion). A multi camera shoot might work better in the final edit.

Get there early and stake out your spot and defend it to the death
They may not even allow recording, you'll just have to buy the dvd!
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