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Found 17th Feb
Was wondering what VPN service you guys using I'm currently using tigervpn and digitvpn
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I've been using windscribe on a router for a couple of weeks now. Good enough for the streaming I do. Not ever so fast because of the routers processor but acceptable.
Expressvpn I use, nothing I have tried has ever been as fast. It’s just expensive compared to the rest.
I've used Vypr and VPN Unlimited.
VyprVPN and TunnelBear.
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SJHan13 m ago

I've used Vypr and VPN Unlimited.

How is vpn unlimited
Switchy872 m ago

How is vpn unlimited

I've never had any issues with it. I purchased a lifetime subscription some time ago when it was on offer (£25 I think) and its always been good enough for my use. Allows streaming without any issues but Netflix doesn't like it.
I use Private Internet Access. However the app for iphone is really bad. It disconnects after an hour of using and then you have to manually reconnect it. The other forms of it (Desktop/chrome) work fine though.
Avira phantom unlimited 12mths free and no issues.
Windscribe is pretty good. They occasionally do life time deals for around £30-£40. Also provides “Windflix” so you can watch the US Netflix. It occasionally goes down when Netflix finds a fix but then windscribe quickly find a new workaround.
caverncity3 h, 40 m ago

Avira phantom unlimited 12mths free and no issues.

Where did you get 12months free
Switchy879 h, 18 m ago

Where did you get 12months free

it was on offer on here, its over now. I had just paid £70 for another one aswell and the offer came up, luckily I got my money back. Avira is better than the one I had paid for.
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