What was going on in trafalgar square today, my sat nav said it will take 12 minutes to get from the strand to baker street it took 1 hour 35 minutes

    I am furious about sitting in that traffic today.


    Sat Nav's can't predict traffic jams

    so make a thread about it.....oh wait.

    although TBH if your in London, you should always expect traffic, even if your going a few miles brah.

    Move to a better city?

    a sat nav that tells porky pies:thinking:

    whatever next :whistling:

    What a random username.:?

    Helicopter FTW

    What do you expect???? its london

    why didn't you walk

    . next you'll be moaning it took 5 hours to pick up the kids from school 1 mile from your house because of 1cm of snow

    Oh well, now you really have experienced London:roll:

    been mad on roads all day!
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