what was that? Should I be worried?

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Found 7th Jul 2010
I found a little brown mark on my shoulder a couple of months ago and thought it was a new mole. The other day when I touched it it felt a little bit like a scab. Thought I'd keep an eye on it for a few days and see what happened. When I poked it yesterday it kind of came off like a scab but it had like a root attached to it! oot was sort of off white, soft and carrot like in shape. The scab was only the size of a pin head and the root was only maybe 1/2cm to 1 cm in length. My 1st thought was maybe it was a wart but having googled it i've found that warts don't have roots. Now i'm a bit worried about what it might have been. Anyon had anything similar?

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id see your doctor as soon as possible!!!

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yeah i guess so but as it came out there's probably nothing for him to see now. I suppose it can't hurt to make an appoinment and tell him about it


id see your doctor as soon as possible!!!

+1 asap better safe than sorry

Same happened to me I found strange things growing in some strange places on my body. Like cress in my ear, lettuce on my shoulders & you don't wanna know where the carrots were. Doctor reckons I'm just not eating properly.

Search the rest of the internet for clues if still no clearer make an appointment at doctors for some reassurance.

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Oh how do you quote now????
Lmao @ dontasciime

put it in a jar and take it to your gp hun

GP asap, can never be to careful with moles and skin tags.

DO IT..............ASAP, and thats an order!

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ok ok i'll ring the docs in the morning. Just don't want him thinking i'm a total nut job for going about something he can't see anymore.

I think I may have skin cancer, I'll go and ask on HUKD.

I despair, really.

cook it and see if it tastes nice



cook it and see if it tastes nice


Here we go again, let's give the poor bloke/girl some stick for asking a question. He's not asking for a diagnoses ffs, just wondered if anyone had had anything like it b4. Give him/her a break.
Hun, go to docs. No I've never had anything like it b4, best to get it checked.

Now that was hard weren't it??
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