what was the best year for music...for u?!

    just listening to scott mills wonder years and certain tunes remind u of certain times.... but was there a year of music that stood out for u and why?


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    i'll go first.....

    best year was probably of the best years for trance and most of them remind me of uni...good times!

    I'm not really into music so nothing for me.

    1985 for me I reckon.

    1995 bang in the middle of britpop

    1983 - I went to see Duran Duran in concert (I was 13).

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    1995 bang in the middle of britpop

    ahhh britpop.... secondary school days..... hehe!

    69/70s - iow - jimi hendrix - stones in the park - woodstock - hippy chick

    altzimers!!lo ...lnow a happy chick

    1992, being a grunge chick n all....

    1990 - Depeche Mode at their finest!.......I just love em!

    1756 ..

    1955 - rock 'n roll catching on.


    1756 ..

    yeh vivaldi rocks - he did some good pieces:thumbsup:

    [SIZE="6"]1992[/SIZE] no question.


    [SIZE="6"]1992[/SIZE] no question.


    That long hot summer of 1976. :oops:


    1997!!! slowjams!! whooooooooo-ooohhh
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