What was the last film you watched?

    Give it a rating out of ten.


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    For me it's Untraceable, not bad, 8/10.

    Good will Hunting 10/10 for me!

    In her shoes ... 7/10

    vantage point 5/10

    Iron man, am a big fan anyway, downey jnr alone is worth 9/10

    rambo 2 9/10


    In her shoes ... 7/10

    I cried my eyes out - 8/10


    I cried my eyes out - 8/10

    would def watch it again thou!

    Jumper 6/10

    Hairspray - 5/10


    Hairspray - 5/10

    Original (Ricky Lake) or new? I love both of them.;-)

    Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay - 8/10

    Into the wild - 10/10 (truly amazing a must watch for anyone)

    Beowulf 2/10

    Really bad, dont bother wasting 2 hrs of your life.

    The Notebook, a lovely film, I really enjoyed it.

    death sentence 9/10


    21... 5/10 slow start ...

    Street Kings

    Bit predictable
    Keanu was good
    Forest Whitaker was immense, his really eating up the competition at the minute in terms of versatile acting
    Final point... rappers should stick to music, well the game should just curl up in a ball and die but common did his role justice

    Penelope 9


    Original (Ricky Lake) or new? I love both of them.;-)

    New one... too much singing for me

    Superbad 7.5/10 was helped by the two bottles of red I drank whilst watching it. :thumbsup:

    :whistling:Enchanted 8/10 and i am a 42 year old male


    I Am Legend 7/10

    Iron Man - 11/10

    Spiderman 3 8/10

    I am Legend - 5.5/10

    forgetting Sarah Marshall 10/10 brilliant film

    american gangsta & Untraceable

    Hard Candy 8/10

    Cruel Intentions, 6/10

    edit; just remembered the lesbo scene, 7/10

    Iron Man... pretty good... 8/10

    Tango & Cash - 8/10
    Tha Terminal - 7/10

    3:10 to Yuma........8/10

    Rather enjoyed it,not many cowies made nowadays.


    Watched it last night, first blue ray film we have watched. I would give it 6/10

    Cloverfield - 8/10 (excellent film i thought but ppl say it was ****)


    Il Postino 10/10

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall - 8/10


    Iron man, am a big fan anyway, downey jnr alone is worth 9/10

    9/10 from me too ! very good


    Funny Games US - 9/10

    Flags of our Fathers (rather dissapointed to be honest) 7/10


    Iron man, 7/10.
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