What was your favourite vintage 80s toys when you was a kid

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Im going back to the clearly 80s when I was around 6 to 10 years old. Mine was the hasbro zap zap racing track

[image missing]

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Also He man figures

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Also the grandstand astro wars

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I too would go with Grandstand Astro Wars, loved it. I was also a big fan of Subbuteo.
I still have nearly all the Nintendo game and watches, as well as many of the Casio game wristwatches from the 80's.
action man
Star wars figures and ships.
Evel knievil wind up stunt bike
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Atari, Spectrum, Scalextric and Aurora
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This was my sister's toy but at 4 years old I was fascinated by the working lift. I can remember my child hood really well.

[image missing]

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And trailer
Cindy dolls, but barbie always won
Playing doctors and nurses with my next door neighbour.

And trailer

​my cousin had big trak and the trailer,
I hated him.

[img]http://mediastorage.bauermedia.co.uk/fa/f6bd2/798a1/38860/81216/a26a8/f1adb/Atari_778x436.jpg?1460628641[/img] Atari with space invaders, Pac man ,asteroids and road runner

I had space invaders, jungle hunt, years revenge, Mario Bros, jnr pac man, pole position and moon patrol.
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Most board games !
Got this bad boy in 82 i think?My Mum got it from the catalogue,god love her,100 week terms @ 38p a week

[image missing]

Amazing computer games

Oh gosh, loads! The zipzap race track we actually had, I'd forgotten about that, was my brothers though. We had the sindy camp set with yellow jeep thing, the tree house thing above, a barbie house with a lift (that was crap though, made out of cardboard and collapsed every time you placed a doll in it!) my brother bought the pumpkin house from a vintage shop the other week, that brought back some memories! Commodore 64 computer too, my dad used to programme his own games for it. He tried to teach us kids once - hours spent typing masses of code - for it to draw a circle on the screen haaa!!
Tomytronic 3d
Sony walkman
Tonka trucks

they were the days

lite-BriteTomytronic 3dGameboySony walkmanTonka trucks

​remember my mate getting a tonka truck,
it was big and yellow, on the TV advert it showed an elephant with one foot stood in the back to prove it was indestructible,
well when I talked him into dropping it out of his bedroom window the week he got it....
My neighbours toys when I was about 12 and he was about 8

Because play for 8 secs only or because my mother should have been @ Number 1 in this list

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Super Cobra
Star Wars Toys
I loved my Furby, couldn't get to sleep unless he was sitting beside me on my bedside cabinet.



oO oO *dies*

I wasn't alive in the 80s but my favourite toy growing up was polly pocket. This one in particular (iirc)


Also had this Pokémon book/case thing I used to carry everywhere
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For me it was this
and for the rich/posh kids, it was this. They let me play once in a while

Game and watch.



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I could never draw on that bloody Etch a Sketch (_;) X)

You're deluding yourself if you think the original Transformers toys looked that good! X)
Evil Knievel!!
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Stickle bricks and fuzzy felt sets were my favourites.

Please, please please can you edit the thread title to "...when you were a kid"... if only to satisfy my inner pedant.
The late 70's/early 80's werent a good time for me; our Dad had left and we had nothing; we had to move out of our nice house into a run down old place miles from where we had lived, and we had no money until mum could get her first pay cheque.

I can remember taking all my Hornby trains and track to the local 2nd hand shop and getting £12 - enough to buy food for a couple of weeks if you were good at making 1lb of mince last a week.

I cannot honestly remember having any new toys, mostly I got old books; as I was a bookworm, this was fine by me.

I got a cheap bike when I was 12, that allowed me to get a paper round - 7 mornings a week on the far side of town for a weekly pay of £3.50

Mum was very proud, and wouldnt let us claim free school dinners, as back then, the free dinners were sat at their own tables, so every day at school we had to endure sandwich-sick spread on cheap bread.

I used to scrape mine off, and just eat the bread, the stuff still makes me feel ill if I see a jar of it.

I hate the 80's.

For me it was this :)and for the rich/posh kids, it was this. They let … For me it was this :)and for the rich/posh kids, it was this. They let me play once in a whileGame and watch.

Wow, I had that exact tile game!
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