What was your first ever job?

    As above ...........


    asda on checkouts

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    mines was co-op

    Making Christmas Crackers for M&S

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    Making Christmas Crackers for M&S

    so YOU were responsible for the time i didnt have anything in mine?! :-(

    lol x

    i was a taxman :whistling: i was a CA in HM Collector of Taxes


    Making Christmas Crackers for M&S

    you didn't work for college crackers did you?

    paper round ... then chemist assistant at 14 .... chaved loads a stuff lol :oops:

    Worked in woolworths over christmas.
    Feels like along time ago lol.

    shop assistant in a gift and card shop

    I worked in a butchers when i was about 12, god i sound like my grandfather used to! I cleaned the mincer each day after school for about a fiver a week. Which considering i am only 25 now is appauling!!

    wheel builder at raleigh

    Sorry Salder, some good gifts would just never find the cracker. Strange that ;-)

    I wasn't allowed a job before I left school/college.

    So my first job was as an office junior in a solicitors office, by the time I left 7 years later I was the Senior Partner's assistant

    My dad was a college lecturer and used to pay me to mark students homework when I was a teenager - dunno if that counts as a job though

    paper rounds. I did several at the same time. If there was a big story everyone got their papers late cos Iread all about it en route and delivery speeds dropped

    Paperound 12-16

    I had a Saturday job at Boots on the baby dept. which I loved.
    When I first left school I was office Jr. for Barclays bank ... which I hated!

    Paper boy > Sales assistant > sales assistant > marketing campaign coordinator

    erm, Mcdonalds

    Waitress in a pub at 15

    worked in a pig farm at 14 then at 16 took an apprenticeship in horticulture


    Worked in woolworths over christmas. Feels like along time ago lol.

    Can't be as long ago as me. Had a Saturday job in Woolies, selling cooked meats and eggs (Woolies used to sell meat, fruit and veg etc, as well as the latest LP's and singles) in those days. :w00t:

    Best thing I ever did. Made me work my butt off at school determined that I would not work there for the rest of my life

    I worked in a shop making and selling our own beuty products on site. Yunno things like soap, bubblebath,shampoo,conditoner,ect. I loved it

    TK Maxx
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