what web browser are you using? ive tried a few that dont work with my lappy

    as above really guys.
    IE freezes then stops working but im still connected to the web cos msn is still logged in
    Firefox same as above but freezes the laptop
    Opera same as above and again freezes the laptop.
    Im using vista all updates done, the laptop is HP pavilion entertainment pc

    im stuck now cos im back on IE and every time it freezes i have to shut the laptop down and start again. its driving me mental!!!

    anyone using google chrome??


    ive noticed that ie keeps freezing try google crome seems to be fine and faster than ie


    google chrome is awesome

    IE sux

    You could try Avant or Orca or Apple Safari or Visual Explorer all of which run happily on my Vista Lap Top:thumbsup:


    i use chrome
    well and a mixture of firefox also.

    chrome is top notch, best of them all. I only went to it about a week ago and LOVE it



    im using chrome now so far so good. and i bet the tooth fairy only used … im using chrome now so far so good. and i bet the tooth fairy only used to leave 10p in your house like she did in mine, now its a £1!..lolright ive gone a whole 10 minutes without my browser freezing so far so good . rep left for allas i type the above the bloody thing froze !

    its your computer not the browsers then

    started using k-meleon last year on xp...since got a new laptop with vista, installed k-meleon, haven't changed since.



    its your computer not the browsers then

    yep - defo your computer

    browsers are software so if they all have problems, then its a problem with your hardware or operating system

    try comodo system cleaner to find and fix problems. found 950 on mine! ITS FREE!
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