What weird tune is stuck in your head today?

Posted 26th May 2020
Ever wake up with a tune in your head and have no idea where it came from?

Today I have the theme to Police Academy in my head, it's been at least a decade since I saw any of those films!
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Remember when that Asian lady sung Mariah Carey’s ‘without you’?
Kennnnn Leeeeeeeeee
That’s what’s stuck in my head. No idea why or how. For anyone that cares if you google Ken Lee it’s literally the first hit.
The Lincolnshire Poacher, although that being stuck in my head is quite a regular occurrence. I may have issues.
The theme from TV series boon. I oh silver
“I’m a kitty, kitty, kitty, I’m a cat, if you mess with me, you’re gonna get scratched” was constantly in my head when I’d wake up a couple of weeks back, courtesy on my son/Fortnite
cdm2226/05/2020 09:39

Damn you!

It's in your head now isn't it
Lily the pink. I have no idea why.
Take that--a million lovesongs. No idea why
this happens every day

I’m so happy I’m not the only one

today’s was, backstreet boys - I want it that way

I think it was because I seen them on a tv show, before bed
adamderak26/05/2020 09:13

The theme from TV series boon. I oh silver

That reminds me, I had the theme from Cheers in my head yesterday...where do they come from???
I believe it's called an 'earworm' and what a strange question...
Oh well, whatever it takes to keep us entertained on lockdown.
For the record, some stupid tune I heard on tictok where people touch there shoulders and sway their hips in time to it.
So fekin anopying!!
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