What were the best deals of the year so far?

    I cant seem to recall all of them.

    Different people will have different one.

    If people state their best ones, other people will remember them aswell.

    The six I can remember are :

    Uncharted 2 from for £17.99

    Guitar Hero World Tour with Guitar from WHSmith for £19.00

    Coke Glasses at Sainsburys for 10p each

    The Dark Knight Blu Ray from for £5.85

    Wolverine Blu Ray from for £5.85

    Modern Warfare 2 from Sainsburys for £26.00

    Forza 3 Limited Edition (Collectors Edition) - £23.00

    All the best recalling your best deals and cheers for posting.

    Mighty Mugger


    Sealey memory foam Matress from Tescos (late October I think).

    Supernatural Season 4 Blu Ray Box Set £19.98 @ Amazon

    cod6 for £26
    and l4d2 for £15 from tesco, which is the best one for me.

    the elite from amazon would be up there tho i missed it :-(

    Guitar Hero III with Guitar: £9 (not £19!!) - WH Smith
    Starship Troopers BR Trilogy: FREE + £5 voucher - CDWow
    Dining Table & 4 Chairs: £49 - Homebase
    28 Whisky/Port Miniatures, glasses and chocolates: £3.50 - M&S
    PS3 80GB: £144.99 (when they still retailed at £299) - Woolworths (although that was between Xmas and New Year 2008)

    Probably loads of others too, but those are the ones which spring to mind.

    The Xbox 360 Elite from Amazon for 92 pounds!!!!!

    For me it was the complete Seinfeld Box Set for £34.95 at Play.

    my toshiba tv from sainsburys £391
    guitar hero world tour and guitar from whsmiths £19
    ps3 remote control from whsmiths £5
    guitar hero drums from hmv £30

    The Dark Knight Blu Ray from for £5.85

    Wolverine Blu Ray from for £5.85

    Dream Town Rose Petal Cottage Amazon £17


    Sealey memory foam Matress from Tescos (late October I think).

    Oh.... I forgot - From the For Sale / Trade forum: A Seiko watch I bought from Boothy.

    Cheers Boothy - Great watch!

    Al Pacino box set - Free from CD-Wow.

    I am tired so the only one that springs to mind is recent one -

    Ordered stuff from thorntons for about £30 (stuff I was buying anyway and was all stuff on offers - e.g. half price, 3 for 2 etc), got a hamper worth £25 free. Sent the wrong hamper, contacted them and they sent the correct hamper, also worth £25.

    My Tri-Climate North Face jacket for about £50, probably the hottest cold deal ever!!

    Modern warfare 2 from Makro for £20 . :thumbsup:


    ds lite £65 at morrisons:)
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