What wii card to buy

    With all these SD Card offers flying about, I'm just wondering whats a good one to buy to use in the wii.:)



    i bought a 1

    2gb £17.99

    but theres cheaper now!

    I got the 1GB from Amazon ones!

    Ant, u played with the photo channel yet?

    I was playin with it last night and if you do a slideshow, press A and you can change music etc.

    Also, if you push UP or DOWN on keypad thing while the slideshow is playing, you get a blur! :thumbsup:

    One more thing, I got Need For Speed today! :w00t:

    Pretty good! Need to get used to the steering tho! :?

    i got tony hawks down hill!

    that games comical lol

    so funny!

    i changed ur pic ion wii channel!

    So, who can view message boards then?
    Everyone in your address book??

    no u sent me it!
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