What Wii games did you get in the Morrisons 1/2 price sale

I got Kung Fu Panda £15 for the wii and £12 for the DS, and Mario Kart £15.....woohoo


Mario Kart and sonic and mario olympics

Tried for Mario Kart but not available.

my mate spent 120 quid lol

got me a copy of mercanaries for 360 tho, as long as he sells it to me at cost and dunt try to rip me off

Planned well & went for Mario Kart in 2 Stores & Got Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

no mario kart at the totton branch the staff "lost "the copys they had but got smash bros brawl,lego indy jones,soul calibur 4 and guitar hero on the ds .
a good deal but i wish the staff instore would not hide the games they wanted so customers cant have them or say they have" lost":whistling: them

CoD4 GotY edition for PS3

apparently games are much cheaper in pc world due to 10% price promise


apparently games are much cheaper in pc world due to 10% price promise

That's if you can get them to price match.

Oh also got mercanaries 2!

how is mercs 2, is it really buggy?

I bought Super Smash Bros, Lego Indy, Mario Kart, Tiger Woods 09 & Off Road (with a free wheel).

I think I'm going to take Off Road back though :thinking:

I also picked up Resident Evil 4 from Argos for £14.99


wanted mario cart and guitar hero, got there and they didnt have either

super smash bros brawl, mario and sonic olympics and tiger woods 09 i wanted mario kart tooo xxxx

I phoned at 08.00 this morning (Sidcup branch) and very nice lady put Smash bros brawl and Guitar hero Ds by for me, which was just as well because they were all sold out by 09.45 which was the earliest I could get there. Also got mario olympics wii & sims pets 2 Ds while i was there.

Wii - Mario Kart
DS - Guitar Hero

This was from the Verwood (Dorset) store and seemed to have plenty in stock.

Well pleased - rep left for original OP of the main thread!

Sent the wife there before she dropped the little un at school, she did me proud, Mario Kart And Super Smash Bros. for the wii, i popped in myself a bit later but i resisted, although I held the £25 copy of soul Calibur 4 almost reverently before placing it fondly back on the shelf.....
Also it gave me a good laugh watching my 5 year old playing Mario Kart, OMG that was a you've been framed moment, but then she played me at bowling on Wii Sports and rolled a 245 as opposed to my meagre 130 (I'm blaming the lower centre of gravity :-S)
......guess i was the one who got the most PWND today, lol.

Im gonna nip back today and see what theyve got left, i want mario kart!!! x

I got Tiger woods, Mario Kart,. Super Smash Bros and mario and sonic at the olympics. I even managed to pick up guitar heros on the DS. Id say i was quite lucky to find them all in stock.

I got mario and sonic today and another supersmah brothers...both for my auntie! Looked and asked about mario kart and guitar hero and it sold out straight away...I dont suppose anyone has one near them? and would be willing to be sooo kind and sell them me for what they paid.....:whistling:

i got 3 mario and sonic at the olympics and super smash brawl
ill be there tommorow for the mario although they have confirmed they will not get any, i dont beleive them as when we asked if they had another copy of super smash brawl they said no 2 mins later they put another 1 on the shelf and my brothers mate got abit late getting his hands on it and got mario sonic which in the end i ended up with as he didnt want it.

Hmmm i might go back then see if theyve got any mroe in stock, as i really want mario kart and guitar hero xxxx

anybody wants to trade Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games for mario kart give me a shout
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