What will Game Give For Guitar Hero WT?

Hi guys, i'm looking to trade my Guitar Hero WT Xbox 360 game and guitar in at Game for credit, does anyone know what they're offering for it? I may opt to keep the guitar so if you know what they'll give for the game on it's own that'll be great too.



I was going to trade in tom clancys end war as i was bidding on one on ebay, but it was on offer on play.com deal of the day for £20, so i ordered it off play and luckily got outbid. I went to game and asked how much i would get and it was £22, so maybe between 18 and say 25 for just the game. I know this reply is about end war but i thought it might give you a rough idea.

or you could try phoning them x x x

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Cheers, I work near the shop so i'll probably call in tomorrow,


always best to sell it on ebay


Cheers, I work near the shop so i'll probably call in tomorrow,

your welcome sorry i rambled on x x x

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For anyone wanting to know I gave them a call today, for guitar and the game they'll give £40 trade-in, seems fairly good as it only cost £50.
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