What would be the best in car music/video system?

Found 29th May 2010
I'm looking to get some sort of system in the car to play music/videos. I need something easy to control so I can select music etc without any problems.

I'd like a system where 2-3 people could have screens and watch the same thing at the same time with the audio coming over the car's speakers.

What are people's opinions on these 4 choices (or add your own?)

1. O2 Joggler, looks like it could do music/video ok. Got touchscreen. Only one screen though.

2. Eken M001, music/video ok, nothing special, touchscreen. Only one screen.

3. PDA with voice control for music, I've found this really useful in the past, easy to control without having to take eyes off road. Anyone experience with different devices, I've only used the Ipaq 5450.

4. Laptop computer with an extra screen, dual screens so kids could watch same thing. Has its own audio so we could still listen to music. Difficult to control though, would need keyboard etc.

Would be interested in anyone's thoughts. Thankyou.
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Best is what fits your budget

Thanks, but I'm trying to work out what the best solution is. I don't have a budget as such, if I found the right solution I'd probably be willing to pay for it. Obviously the cheaper the better tho!!
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