What would be your plan of action

    Im coming up to the end of my Orange mobile contract.

    > I had been with them three years now on the Dolphin 35.

    > Like everyone else, I want to upgrade to the Iphone, but having just spoke to orange quickly they said they cant offer ANY loyalty or line rental discount

    > Im currently paying 15 pounds for the Dolphin 35 so 20 saving a month

    > If i was to get the Iphone, it would cost me 90 pound plus an extra 20 pounds a month for 18 months(maybe 24). Which is 480 pound over the period + 90 for the phone. 570 quid!!

    > Do you think there is any way I could get some discount/loyalty bonus if I went the usual route and threatened to cancel my contract? Or are they that strict on the Iphone?

    Thanks all


    i would imagine they will be very strict on the iphone as they have to make a certain amount on it as its an expensive phone

    Orange seem to be offering NO discounts what so ever!
    So what I'm probably going to do when it comes to my next upgrade ( feb) is try and get a good phone out of them ( probs worth £150 hopefully) and my contract for £25 pm then I will sell that and buy the new iPhone on payg when it comes out £450 probably..
    so overall:
    £25 pm * 18 months = £450
    iphone £450 - £100 ( phone that was sold) = £350

    works out at £800

    also you'll get more for your money on a upgrade tarriff.. speak to retentions btw not upgrades and try get the most you can get out of them and make sure you get internet bundle!

    Just noticed your on the same as me, dolphin £35 reduced to £15 :-D
    Chances are, you won't have built up loads of loyalty as your bill won't have been much each month ( do you ever go over the £15) so that means your bill will probably go up ( im predicting £25 but who knows, ring up and find out what they offer you ) and try get a good phone and will still work out cheaper than the iPhone contract..

    There is no discount for anyone for any reason (even staff can't get them !!!).

    You can threaten to leave it'll do no good the computer system that upgrades and retentions use has been 'rigged' so even if an agent tried to give a discount it would cancel it.

    get a decent contract from orange my contract with orange started at £30 a month i now pay £10 order a half decent phone as an upgrade sell it on here or ebay brand new and put the cash you get towards buying an iphone then just use your contract to get free calls and texts

    What E2Save gave me in June:

    SE Mobile I sold for £15 (I had my own N95 sold last year, now E52) + £40 Quidco
    18months @ £2.99 after cashback redemption = £54 for 18x 400mins/300sms/unlimited landline on Orange, called them last week to get Anytime Data 500mb for £5/month, they gave it to me free as long as im on this contract ad-infinitum.

    1st claim went through in December no problem, I expect the rest to as well as it has done for years.
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