What would I need to do to approach a big company with a product idea?

    Basically there is a fishing tackle company that does a range of products that I think i have a good idea to add too.

    What would I need to do to approach them? Just copyright my idea and send it to them or....? Any ideas would be great



    lol your asking on a internet shopping forum

    just PM me your idea


    go on dragons den first


    The fishing shop is likely to want a finished product to view not an idea

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    lol your asking on a internet shopping forumjust PM me your idea

    Its the most active forum i visit. im sure someone has experience in this on here??

    If its that good patent it first, although i believe thats not cheap.

    Also you need to source info on manufacturing costs etc or decide whether you are going to take a price per unit on each one sold and let the fishing tackle company sort out the manufacturing.

    A lot to do before you approach the tackle company I think. You would also be wise to do an extensive search to check there is nothing similar available on the market first.

    Good luck with it.

    Don't forget to get it registered ....some sort of trademark, incase they steal your idea !!....(_;)

    Is it a device that sets the rod to stun mode?

    you gotta dangle the bait
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