What would you do ?


    What would you do if you found £50,000 in your bank account ?


    wonder where the rest of it had gone


    wonder where the rest of it had gone

    :w00t: want to give some to me bitsey :whistling: :lol:

    spend it....if you rely on it to your detriment then you wont have to give it back....although I would prob transfer it into a friends bank account to go towards his house....

    keep it in there

    leave it wherever it came from they will be wanting it back lool

    Nothing more than i expect to find in my bank account as long as that's not all that's in there:p


    keep it in there

    see if they come back for it, if not spend it! leave it a while though!:)


    give it back cos I wouldn't want to go to jail

    pay all me bills and go part time instead of 7day working! oh and a family holiday hmmmmm

    spend the bloody lot

    Move it to a savings account and let the interest roll in. If they don't claim it it yours but if they do, you'll have some interest to spend

    50k isnt enough to go to jail for...

    5 mil? well alrighty then

    Give JFK his card back

    Go wild in pound land

    Another thought and seeing you avatar, Buy and restore one of these B20's

    Original Poster


    Another thought and seeing you avatar, Buy and restore one of these B20's


    Withdraw it and disappear.

    In before some lying juvenile tool.............

    buy a wee bag or eckys and get higher than a mofo!

    I would leave it there for a while then transfer to another account and leave it there even longer possibly years, before spending. Although, I heard a case recently on the news. A lady missed a digit and paid £3000 into the wrong bank account. The person whos account the money went to will not give it back and the bank can't just take it back for this lady. She is having to sue the person and legally she might not get her money back. how can that person who got the money do that, terrible mean person! I hope she gets her money back and interest!

    i'd give it back from whence it came

    to spend it or keep it is theft in my book
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