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last year my mam bought me a bag back from holiday. its not my style or colour. i would never have chose it myself and i really dont like it. shes convinced its radley but i can tell its a fake. anyway ive never used it and shes been asking why. ive told her its not wide enough for all my stuff and shes said tonight it cost £50. i feel awful for not using it when it cost that much. do i just use it or own up that i dont like it and its fake?

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Own up, its better if you tell the truth.

Just pretend you use it!

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Just pretend you use it!

i live with her so she knows which ones im using

my mother in law did the same thing with me last year, i hate the bag she bought me , i only use it when i go to her house


i live with her so she knows which ones im using

Oh no! Erhm dunno then X)

Accidentally lose it

Take it out next time and when you come back say everyone was looking at it and someone nicked it when you were not looking....

just bin it on the way home

Accidentally sell it?


Accidentally set it on fire?

Bit extreme!

Use it sometimes even if you don't like it?



Wow nikki, you +1 ing that, i was actually joking!



Wow nikki, you +1 ing that, i was actually joking! X)

Haha, can't trick a trickster X)


Haha, can't trick a trickster X)

I would just use it, and say something so she knows you are, it wouldnt hurt to just use it once or twice.

OP, I would either use it even if you don't like it OR tell her you hate it and let her use it as she must like it if she bought it.

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ive said she can use it but she wont because it was a present for me. think im gonna have to use it on the odd occasion just to keep her happy


Accidentally lose it

Oh God no! - don't do that...she may feel so sorry, that she'll buy you another

I'd be gutted if my mum bought me a bag back from her hols, especially if it didn't match my shoes

Just tell her as much as you love it you are worried because people get mugged for designer bags.

aww its ur mum....just use it here and there and make her feel happy!!

Undo some of the stitching, then use it & show your Mum that it must be a fake as a real one wouldn't fall apart so easily.

Use it once then "lend" it to a friend who loved it and conveniently never ask for it back

Don't tell her it's fake. Ever. She'd be gutted. I think u should just wear it a few rimes. I'd be quite anxious too if I'd bought sommat for someone and noticed they never wore it etc. Would make me para

Chop her up and use the bag to hide her body parts. (_;)

Keep your normal bag in your car and swap over when you go out

Aww, tricky one. I had this problem and owned up that I didn't like it as she bought it in town and could take it back and exchange it for something I really liked, but your mum can't take it back. I think you are too invested in it now, too many smiles and fake likings to finally be honest at this point so stick with your story so far and use it now and again on 'special occasions'.

I'd come clean and just tell your mum that you love her to bits for getting you such an expensive bag, but honestly you don't really like it - so would she please have it and use it.

why you don't just give away here in a bit of competition and choose the winner


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