What would you say is the best FPS for Pc at this moment in time?


I am bored out of my brains at the moment and looking to fill my void with a FPS preferably a team based one like BF2142.

I did have BF2142 but lost my key and never bought the add on.

So i wondered if anyone can recommend a FPS multiplayer team based game.

Was looking at Gamespot and noteiced Call of Duty 2. My pc is not brilliant but it can run BF2142.

Thanks in advance.




Wasn't a big fan of 2142 overall. My faves continue to be the modifed Invasion RPG mode on UT:2004 and Team Fortress on HL2.

counter strike?

INS Mod for the source engine, a total conversion mod based around figthing insurgency in iraq and afganistan, still in beta but i cant stop playing insmod.net/

After that i would say either CS:S or BF2

BF2 I feel is better than BF2142. Just feels more real and the guns don't sound like pea shooters You've got happy times ahead if you like team based shooters with Team Fortress 2 and Quake Wars coming out this year...ish

Just wait until tomorrow and buy bioshock. It got a metascore of 97/100, which is the highest rated so far.

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Is Bioshock multiplayer able?

I dont mind single player games but nothing beats pvp action. And not just deathmatches but matches that have a goal etc.
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