what would yu do ( domain name related )

what would you do ? basically i have this awesome domain name , i currently have it linked upto a blogspot page but its not very popular.. now i pay a tenner a year from godaddy to keep the name... should i auction the name? any tips ?


do what you thinks right, and what will make you some wongaaa.


BG1 is that you ? [img]t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS8mqPvrX7BxhVjm9XPOgKFkaCn6KZw5CxItgjqsNCMEWalF90K&t=1[/img]

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Cant give any advice unless you tell us the domain name.


if its such an awesome name, how come you don't get many hits?


couldn't resist. You'll need to make it so it gets higher hits in google. then sell it... thats my guess... build hype.. then sell.
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