What xmas toys are you finding it hard to get?

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Found 9th Nov 2009
Just wondering if anyone was struggling to get the presents their kids want this year, yanno, like out of stock and such like.


Gonna be an easy answer to that 1.
Think you'll find its the GoGo Hamster stuff

Go go hamster ball


call of duty modern warfare 2 lol:santa::santa::santa:

Waybuloo Peek & Wiggle Yo Jo Jo

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Waybuloo Peek & Wiggle Yo Jo Jo


wth is that?

edit, 5 in my local argos.

go go piggin hamster ball

As I have grown up daughters now I thought What is all the hamster thing about just googled it and watched the ad and what can I say that's a bit freaky :?


:thinking:wth is that?edit, 5 in my local argos.

damn they must have had stock today been none for a while, thanks for that!

Whats the obsession with gogo hamsters?

A real hamster is cheaper..

cabbage patch dolls
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