What you been upto HUKD

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Found 6th Jul 2010
You've been away most of the evening so what big changes have you got for us?

can anybody see me LOL
- goonertillidie

I can't view new posts?
- Goonieman

same as me , now i cant even pm got 1 new message and cant delete it or reply LOL
- goonertillidie

Admin, try turning it off and back on again.
- Goonieman


I've just spent a while trying to log in.


looks new and improved

Beautifying the site by the looks of things!!

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ive ben tryiny since 2am lol, Perhaps i should see someone about that thou. . . .

Says three comments left.
I can only see the one, mine.


took me ages to reply to a post..... and ages to log in

ohhh isnt it different now lol

here we go....


ok why can i only see 1 post and my post has vanished?

Spent all night disabling gifs and pixellating avi's by the look of things.

they've ruined my avatar...

edit: changed it.

whole site seems messed up...

not liking it !
i can't get the page to fit my screen properly and all my thread activity is missing !

how do we give rep?

Am paralised now:(

Omg what happened to the smilies. lol

Eleven replies in this thread and i can only see two??


how do we give rep?

i think we just 'like' now...


ok already got 3 errors while trying to send a pm .......


wheres the link gone to show your problems? and replys are takign ages to show up.. if @ all


my recent activity is old stuff, whats going on ffs


arghh post gone again... its going to be a long day


my post has gone??


what a mess!


lol - third attempt at posting

only 4 posts per page

after the last update fiasco, I thought they would at least have tested the new site

what a mess!

its sooooooooooooooo slow

Sorry it is too much chance for me to sudden, I am leaving, just when I was starting to find some stability in our hotdeal relationship

Naaa, its not bad, probably take a day or too for the familiarity to kick in and be easier on the eye


I know we all moan when the site changes - I remember it from a few years back but once we got used to it it was much beta, but I have to say I'm not keen. Where does it show you how long people have been a member for example??

Oh and how do I edit my post?? oh ans where's the xmas smiely? lol

Hi Hannah. click on avatar and then profile to see how long a member has been here.xx

I'm hating the fact that the avatars are oversized and are taking up too much space to the left

Also that due to this the posts' text has moved closer to the centre. I've got a real problem with that for some reason

Maybe increase the size of the font?

Place the avatar to the right or above? I don't know


Hi Hannah. click on avatar and then profile to see how long a member has … Hi Hannah. click on avatar and then profile to see how long a member has been here.xx

It was nice to just see it before rather than click on it.

I prefer the old style. This seems like a backwards step.

Also what size should avatars be now please ?

info missing --

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