what you listening to right now ?

    write some of the lyrics and obviously the song name and artist lol


    watching hollyoaks later

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    i wake up every day its a daydream
    everythin' in my life aint what it seems
    i wake up just to go back to sleep
    i act real shallow but im in too deep

    Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers

    Mr Green, he's so serene,
    He's got a TV in every room.

    Pleasant Valley Sunday by the Monkees.

    Shortly to be followed by:

    If I discover,
    A little something to make me sweeter,
    Then baby refrain,
    From breaking my heart...

    A little Respect, the Wheatus cover of Erasure song.

    Listenin to internet radio - radio Jamaica...:-D Ye--Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn


    watching hollyoaks later

    Oooh I forgot that was on.. Thanks Lou x

    Pantene advert

    la la la la la

    now direct line..........da da da da da da.........da da da da

    watching ESPN Man city V W ham

    jst finished thou,

    Positron by armin van buuren. no lyrics. just a woman sorta making a ahhhin noise

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    now listening to immortal technique - dance with the devil (wont put lyrics as i dont think anybody will want to hear them as they are quite bad, but its a good song lol

    this empty house is really hitting home tonight
    Doug Stone

    Richard Dawkins - The Greatest Show On Earth.
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