What you think Of WW2? CALL OF DUTY

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Played since cod4, and started losing intrest at advanced warfare, enjoy blackops 3, and going to be cancelling my preorder for this new game

I feel graphics are poor compared to battlefield and are bland and look cartoonish and 2D, all same color, game is very same same, people will say what can you expect but bewteen titles on other games I feel they have added much more where as cod seems to be stagment,

on this beta i jump on and turn it off after 1 game, very boring

what do others think?

( I contacted sony and they denied my cancel of preorder, they said i can contact when game comes out and they can help me (not 100%)
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remember its beta for a reason, its not the finished article, personally ive played cod from the start and after it got into modern warfare it lost its appeal fast,

I for one am glad its back to its roots
Maybe put COD before 'WW2'in your title....
And it looks crap. In terms of the graphics the consoles are getting slowly smoked by the interest and growing PC market (hence the release of the PS4 pro and Xbox One X), if your into your graphics maybe look into investing in a gaming PC.

Personally I'm bored with the Franchise and I'm loving games like PUBG and Rocket League.
Edited by: "hairray" 3rd Sep 2017
Got to level 20, cancelled pre-order.
You should add that it's cod... I thought everyone's views on WW2 were pretty similar so I was confused
Reminded me of cod 1 and cod 2
It's ok
First COD I've played since the original Black Ops...

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