Whatcha think....

    of my custom made xbox360 skins!?!


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    Yeah, well post the pics first!


    looks nice man! good job dave man
    brb playing gta.

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    jeeez on my case today arent ya guys?! i needed a min to upload em

    cool. its very mmmmmmmmm Ace

    Where did you find that pic of me??

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    hehe i drew you tint! x

    they are brilliant. do you do art or something?


    they are brilliant. do you do art or something?

    Fantastic!!! You should be very proud!!!

    Ace Hayward;1993061

    hehe i drew you tint! x

    Hmm, am just decided which one is me .... I think I'll go for the pink haired one - closest colour to mine!

    Where'd you get them from? They look well cool

    They would look cool as a tattoo. oh now i want a new tat x

    Sick!man Sick(this Is The New Word For Ace,brill,fab.)

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    i wish i did draw them. they're the designs drawn by a japenese artist for various anime figurines
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