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"Whatever Happens" don't use currys

Posted 5th Jun 2007
Need to vent some controlled agner about Currys and the "whatever happens" cover they try to push on you each time you buy.

Cutting a very long story short, they should fix or replace goods covered under this "insurance" whatever happens i.e. you drop it in the sink, or it just plain blows up after the 12 month usual cover. :thumbsup:

Fantastic stuff!......er no, the left hand does not know what the right is doing, when you ring them (which takes a LONG time) they send you to store to get it replaced, er, no no send it to us to fix...er no..er..:thinking:
it's a royal mess!

Take a look on google you will se loads of people saying the same as me, when they find its beyond repair they will send you vouchers to buy a new one, only it will be the price of a similar item now on sale, so one example is of a gentleman buying a £1400 Sony Bravia TV and 18months later being given £650 to replace it!!!

This is all similar to what I have gone through and my blood pressure is through the roof, should this policy not make things easy? and to end it all my product turns out to be a battered old exdisplay model!!! :x

My advice is stay clear of Currys and the "cover" they offer. :thumbsup:
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I've become cynical to all cover over the years. Hope my distrust doesn't backfire on me!
If you feel the need to buy extended cover,as chromosome says,don't buy instore.Far better to buy independently.D & G insurance is usually a better bet with online discount.With their cover if you buy at outset,you will get accidental damage insurance straight away in your first year,which you don't get with your 1 year guarantee.Also if you buy instore,they are getting your money a year in advance.You will get offered an extended guarantee near the end of your guarantee anyway.
Like many other jobs, they're trained to offer specific products such as the cover as this gets them money. Be careful:thumbsup:
I never buy cover from the stores. Instead I buy my own cover... If currys want £20 insurance cover for a printer i'll put £20 into a separate bank account. If the printer doesnt die within the 2 years warranty (after the first free year manufacturing warranty) then im £20 up. Its amazing how much money you soon start to accumulate.
I don't use "cover" or extended warranties. Shopping at costco is good because you get a 3 year warranty and at john lewis 5 year on televisions

when they find its beyond repair they will send you vouchers to buy a … when they find its beyond repair they will send you vouchers to buy a new one, only it will be the price of a similar item now on sale, so one example is of a gentleman buying a £1400 Sony Bravia TV and 18months later being given £650 to replace it!!!

With all due respect, what do you want from them? They are a business and have to make money. Lets face it £1400 on a telly 18 months ago wouldnt get you 3 hdmi sockets, 1080p, 50" plasma screen (mainly becuase they werent on the market then...) as you could quite easily get now. Also remember that there are no excesses to pay, no "no claims bonuses" to lose, and no limits to the number of times you can claim. You could claim becuase the dog chewed the remote control (original replacements cost £££), the grandkids shoves a jam sandwich in the sockets, or the screen dies completely.
Just because the cost to replace something doesnt equal the amount you paid for it, doesnt make the policy bad. You still get a replacement tv of an equivalent standard to the one you originally purchased.
Yeah sure I know where you are coming from, they have to make money etc.
The point I was making is that when I buy anything electronic I read all the reviews spending weeks to make the best choice before going to buy it.

When they decide your product it beyond repair they look for same spec at cheapest price and give you that amount to spend, so you could end up with a crap piece of kit. Plus you have got brand loyalty to consider?

When offered extra cover you would not give any thought to the fact it would operate in this way.

lol, anyway this was first time I have had this cover and that was only because it was given free. lol so I have no real right to complain. It was the fact that after all the trouble I went through to sort out getting it replaced and thought I was finally done and dusted I get home to find I have been given a ******ed exdisplay item without being told and have to go back and start again.

One thing I have to say that was great to find was that all the staff (apart from a manager) were fantastic, friendly, chatty, polite and very helpful which these days never seems to be the case
All warranty cover of this type is a complete and utter waste of money. What's the chances of a TV failing on anything other than general wear and tear? It is nothing but a royal rip-off aimed at the punter with more money than will fit in his wallet.
95/100 TVs will last well beyond the three year extra warranty anyway. The odd 4/100 will probably go wrong within the first 12 months, and be covered by the guarantee anyway. Leaving one TV out of 100 that will need to be claimed upon. All in all, a nice little earner for the retailer at a hundred quid a throw :roll:
[SIZE=2]I've just been getting letters about extending cover I took out on a mp3 player a few years ago, as it was a device on the move and the cover was very cheap I decided to take it anyway. As always, been a complete waste of money, the device was in for the same fault five times in a row away for about a month at a time and never came back fixed. It was a known problem with that model particularly but no replacement no matter how I pushed, I simply wanted a working mp3 player. In the end I gave up, not worth the hassle constantly chasing up...no surprise at all.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]A friend of mine works for Comet & tries hard to sell the extended cover as he gets ~ 50% (FIFTY %) of the cover value as commission comapared to under 5% for the actual item. [/SIZE]
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Thats comet for you then - Currys are commission free (all staff bonuses are based on the store hitting its targets etc.) which should result in impartial advice.

Obv, there are financial inducements, but Currys only give £1 per whatever happens and £8 ea when sold credit, assuming the branch hits its monthyl target too (or at least it used to be...)

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