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"Whatever Happens" don't use currys

Posted 5th Jun 2007
Need to vent some controlled agner about Currys and the "whatever happens" cover they try to push on you each time you buy.

Cutting a very long story short, they should fix or replace goods covered under this "insurance" whatever happens i.e. you drop it in the sink, or it just plain blows up after the 12 month usual cover. :thumbsup:

Fantastic stuff!......er no, the left hand does not know what the right is doing, when you ring them (which takes a LONG time) they send you to store to get it replaced, er, no no send it to us to fix...er no..er..:thinking:
it's a royal mess!

Take a look on google you will se loads of people saying the same as me, when they find its beyond repair they will send you vouchers to buy a new one, only it will be the price of a similar item now on sale, so one example is of a gentleman buying a £1400 Sony Bravia TV and 18months later being given £650 to replace it!!!

This is all similar to what I have gone through and my blood pressure is through the roof, should this policy not make things easy? and to end it all my product turns out to be a battered old exdisplay model!!! :x

My advice is stay clear of Currys and the "cover" they offer. :thumbsup:
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