What're PSPs worth these days?

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Found 1st Jun 2009
I've got an old black "fat" style PSP that I never use and want to sell to raise some funds for a DS Lite.

Not exactly sure which version it is (1000, 1003, etc) but it is one which was bundled with a 1GB 'gaming' SanDisk Pro Duo memory stick (green one). I think it's known as the "Giga pack".

Condition wise, it's pretty good with no bad scratches, only little ones from typical wear and tear - nothing major. The only thing is that the little grey bit where you loop the lanyard through on the bottom left of the console has some paint worn off.

I'd chuck in Liberty City Stories too, that's my only game. Not expecting loads for it but anything would be nice to bring down the cost of a DS

Thanks all!

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No seriously, Id say about 60 quid?


give you £30 for it


give you £30 for it

Please not that items may not be bought or sold outside of the For Sale/For Trade section!!

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PoundNo seriously, Id say about 60 quid?

That much? Cool, that'd be nice! Fingers crossed


give you £30 for it

Hehe, dream on ;-)

saw a phat today with game and case with clear plastic cover £55.:thumbsup:

advertise it in the local sainsburys /asda/somerfield/tesco for £45 ono that way you should get £40 cash for it!
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