whats a 02 Dongle for

    i hear these beign spoke about alot so whats it for


    plug it in to lappy to access internet

    Original Poster

    is it free

    nah not sure of price bu its like 10 quid x amount of megs or gigs of download

    There is ways of getting it pretty much free. If you go through Quidco and purchase a PAYG one for £29.35, eventually you'll get paid £29.97 in cashback from Quidco. If you buy an iPhone PAYG simpack from eBay and register it, you will get 12 months free WiFi & Broadband.

    I've had mine now since March and it's run perfect and have just received a cashback of £54 from Quidco (used to get more cashback in March than now). I didn't have to top-up the PAYG sim and still got the cash. So I'm quids in, dongle and free intetnet for 12 months.

    Worth thinking about if you need a dongle for a laptop.
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