Whats a decent Android phone around £150, HTC Tattoo or Pulse?

    Im looking for a cheap PAYG Android phone as I have a T-Mobile contract with a data plan. It needs to be either Unlocked or on T-mobile unless its easy to unlock Androids!

    The Tattoo is £180 at Play but with TopCashBack giving 8% at the moment on Mobiles it comes in at £165.60 for an unlocked phone.
    The other option is that T-mobile potentially have the Pulse for about £120 tomorrow after 20% discount, TopCashBack and selling the SIM.
    150 20% = 120 + 10 Credit = 130 5 TCB = 125 5 SIM = 120.

    Im very pushed for time and the offer is only on for tomorrow so Id be grateful for any pointers as to whether the Tattoo is worth the extra £45.
    The Tattoo uses Android 1.6 versus 1.5 for the Pulse if that makes much of a difference. I dont suppose either will get updated to 2.0 or beyond!


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    After a bit of quick research it seems as if the Pulse has double the pixel count and a larger screen and seemingly Android 2.0 will be available; not that I believe everything on WikiPedia.:)
    The extra screen pixel acreage and size seems to make it an obvious choice especially at the lower price.

    As well as a larger screen, the Pulse has a capacitative screen, not a resistive screen like the Tattoo.

    I have the Pulse, my mate in work a Tattoo and I must say that the ownership experience is better for the Pulse - yes I am biased, but I think with good reason. He is hunched over his phone squinting to see as he prods at the screen with a little stylus. If he was honest, he would have a Pulse, but for him it was a free upgrade. If you've £150 of your own cash to spend on an even field, I'd take the Pulse.

    Pulse all the way.


    So have you bought a Pulse yet, or what?


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    Thanks fishwibbler, you’ve convinced me already and will order one tomorrow. :thumbsup:

    you want to shoot over to the t-mobile site and get one today @ £119 + topup

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    you want to shoot over to the t-mobile site and get one today @ £119 + … you want to shoot over to the t-mobile site and get one today @ £119 + topup

    That's why I asked the question. Read the OP. :thumbsup:
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