what's a decent PS4 game capture device

I'm looking for advice re buying a game capture device for my son's PS4. I know nothing about them so any advice is most welcome.


Elgato HD60
Razer Ripsaw

Elgato HD is the most popular one, although not so cheap

It'll capture itself.

But if you must, and have a good PC, get an Elgato HD60S and a HDMI splitter. The HDMI splitter removes the HDCP, and means you also get a realtime picture to the PC and TV.

I personally own an Elgato HD Pro and an Elagato HD.
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The one built in to the console. Let your son prove he needs one then you can justify the cost of it.

pokeball gotta catch em all lol

as an owner of a hauppauge HDPVR and Hauppauge HDPVR Gaming edition and user of the rocket and a couple of Elgatos I have recently switched out to an Avermedia Live 60fps because of the zero latency. I play my consoles through my PC whilst either recording or streaming and you need a zero latency card to do this.
if you are looking to play / record anything which isn't through HDMI / component then you need to consider other options like the first gen Hauppauge PVR.

Hauppauge software is terrible though so beware of that.

there are a whole array of factors to consider. anyone telling you elgato or Hauppauge etc without knowing what you need it for etc isn't helping you out at all. do your research first as you could end up spending £100 on something which won't do everything you want.

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my son enjoys recording his games and posting them on his youtube channel . he is only 10 but is very keen to improve his output. he mostly uses his ps4 , sometimes his steam games and once in a while his wiiu
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