whats a fair price

    what u recon a fair price would be for pro evo 2008 ps3
    and cod4 ps3 (no jewel insert or manual)

    thanks for ur input


    £5 for pro evo

    £15 for COD?

    How's thee doing bud?

    Agree 5 quid for evo and around 17 -20 for COD as people still buying this.

    Well at least to warfare 2 comes out .

    Pro evo 08 £4.98 delivered brand new at game…08/

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    £5 for pro evo £15 for COD?How's thee doing bud?

    cool fed up with work so looking for new place:)
    the upside tho is the wierdo from across the road brought 4 beers over as he was having a seshion ? go figure but i got to drink them tho they wernt vier still free beer at work mustnt grumble
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