Whats a fair price to remove a chimney stack to roof level?

Posted 10th Oct
We have a small chimney on our 1950s end terrace (about 2 feet high) it keeps leaking and generally being a pain. It sits at the top of the roof rather than off to the side. Been quoted around £500 to have it taken down to roof level, felt and tiles put in place. S. Wales. Is this a fair price?
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Sounds cheap to me, I’d have thought £750-£1000 as most builders/roofers don’t seem to do anything for less than £1,000 these days.

The thing I would say though is in the picture you have services connected to it and aerials. You would have to remove all of those which will add to the cost. Might be better to repair it especially if you may want to add a log burner or something to the house.
Yip that’s a good price. I got rid of mine to. Well worth it
Sounds a simple job if you are not afraid, as I am, of working on a roof

What will the aerial attach to afterwards?

The picture does not make clear if this is work within 2m of a neighbours house. If so, be nice to them. You need to check if Party Wall regulations apply and those are best kept extremely amicable and cleared in advance. The form looks complex but its simple if everyone agrees. If the chimney is shared, PW regs definitely apply

You may also require Building Regs approval. Check you local council web site. Thee house looks old so probably no planning required but again, check the council web site..

You may want o check what your building insurance covers. At £500, (s)he doesn't sound like a Master Builder and may well not have insurance. You will be relying on your Buildings cover if they drop something through the roof and ceiling etc)

Good luck.
Cheers guys. I've had two quotes around the 500 pounds mark. Chimney is not shared and not on a party wall.

Flues are unused as we have coal effect electric fires now.

Ariel not connected anymore as we have a sat dish
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