What's a good doll for a two year old?

Found 28th Sep 2009
As above really, what doll would you recommend for a two year old? She has an ELC soft bodied doll but looking to get a bigger one for her second birthday to go with the pram she's getting. Size about 40cm ish. Preferably one which opens and closes it's eyes! Any suggestions from someone with a toddler would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance - Rebecca
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b an m have some great dolls in there and they look quite real my little one wants a boy one for xmas shes just turned 3 they are 12.99
My little girl ( just turned 2) has talking twins that are my little baby borns. They are smaller than the proper baby borns, just the right size

This is the item no for the same item on ebay 350255599430 which is a bargain as they are £60 some places

Ooops just realised you already have a pram for the doll. You can get my little baby borns without the pram

You can't go wrong with a Baby Annabel.
The accesories for the thing are stupid prices but the actual doll is a great buy. My daughter is nearly 4 and hers has been a firm favourite since she had it just before she was 2.
As above, baby annabell is always a poular one, dont think they close eyes tho
My daughter has just had Baby Alive for her 3rd birthday and she loves it, i think it's a little scary mind you!
Thanks for the advice everyone. Rep added to you all. Rx
My daughter just turned 2 and we bought her Baby Annabel, she had my first Baby Annabel a year ago which she adored so we thought we'd upgrade to the big one. She absolutley adores it, she also had You & Me Doll Care Accessories from Toys r us, which includes a potty, bottle dummy, nappies and loads more. She spends so much time playing with them.
Hope your little one has a fab Birthday
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