whats a good gfx card

    well after my x1950pro has died and im sending it back, so as were i got it from dont stock it anymore i persume ill get a refund.

    so what gfx cards are good for about £100.
    i want one thats
    hdcp ready
    can run most games on decent settings

    i prefer ati cards and like the new hd cards but there are so many i dont know which ones are better


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    whats the better out the 8800's as ive seen 8800 gt, gts gs etc etc

    With ATI now the higher numbers are better, they've dropped all suffixes apart from X2 (which is two GPUs on one card like nVidia's GX2).

    The 3870 and the 3870 X2 are the top of the line cards currently for ATI. You should be able to get a 3870 512mb for just over £100, although as others have said the 8800GT has the advantage in performance at the moment
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