What's a good price to sell my black Xbox 360 elite for (120GB)?

    It's in in perfect working order (bought it in Feb). The only problem is that the spring has gone on the flap that covers the front USB ports, meaning it just stays open, but this is only really an aesthetic issue. What sort of price should I be looking for, say for selling on eBay? Thanks.



    Just go on ebay & type in Xbox elite 120gb ,then click on the USED tab & then click on the Completed tab & then you will get the Answer to this & anything else you are thinking of selling.
    When selling on here you will in most cases be selling at around 10-15% Less than on ebay.

    About £80-£100 considering I managed to sell my 2 year old Premium with all leads, manual and original box for £80.
    Put up on gumtree and was sold off to some happy teenagers (_;) within a few days.
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    Thanks - had a look on ebay, wondering if I could get something like £140 -£150 if I throw in the wireless N adapter, a wireless controller and a few games?

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